Sunday, February 3, 2008

Heads and Tails: The Writer's Strike

It infuriates us. We’re ready for the strike to be over and for our TV schedules to get back to normal. That said, we’re also taking advantage of the time off to do other things, like get into Pushing Daisies and read books. In this post and its soon-to-be-published sister, we’ll give you a point/counterpoint of the strike from the Chaos in General perspective. We’ll give you the bad news first.

The Return of John Carter and the (Inevitable) Reunion of Carter & Abby. When we heard Noah Wyle was planning a return to ER and that said return would neatly coincide with Goran Visnjic’s departure, we were elated. We were convinced that this turn of events spelled CARBY FOREVER, and we’re sure that it would have...if not for the strike. The timing was apparently too perfect to be true, and it might never be so perfect again for our ill-fated physicians. (Fingers crossed, though!)

Joshua Jackson on Grey’s. I talked here about the similarities of Patrick Dempsey and Tim Daly...late ‘80s/early ‘90s has-beens who were reinvented by Shonda Rhimes as millennium-style hotties. Joshua Jackson, who hasn’t done much since being the last decent guy Katie Holmes has made out with, could have been the newest project of the Grey’s machine. PACEY!

The Golden Globes. I love awards shows. I want to meet my future husband at an awards show. He’s presenting, I’m nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Television’s a nice image. The Golden Globes sometimes disappoint in the actual awarding (although less so than the Emmys), but the post-show after parties always produce the best tabloid fodder in the following days. We missed that this year. If anything, the Globes news conference reminded us that award shows really aren’t about winners and losers, but about red carpet fashion and getting wasted with George Clooney.

Pilot season. We’re so scared! Chaos in General needs more material, and after how hard we fell for Private Practice and some other new shows, we need new pilots this fall. JJ Abrams has a new show (Fringe, currently in casting) for the geek core, and we REALLY want to see it.

Last season’s freshmen. Mae already talked about Journeyman’s cancellation, but we’re worried for all of our newbies! I just got into Pushing Daisies, and I need more of it! It’s going to be hard for those guys to come back after being gone for so long—many of them haven’t yet built up the requisite fanbase and were just beginning to gain momentum. It’s going to be an uphill climb.

Angela Kinsey’s written-in pregnancy. Oh, man. How funny would The Office’s Angela Martin be as a pregnant lady? If this season is written off, we definitely won’t see it written in. We know it would have been difficult to hide her pregnancy, and damn, we would have loved to see her become a mom.

The Upfronts. We love the Upfronts. It’s television and business and strategy combined into one really fun week. We’re introduced to new series, new actors, and we start to plot a course for our own fall schedules. It’s a rare time of network loyalty, as the stars of the respective channels get together to trumpet the arrival of the next season, and we love it.

This just in! Variety is reporting a "breakthrough" in the WGA/AMPTP talks and that official meetings are scheduled for Monday. Could this be the end of the strike? Pip pip, writers!

5 Responses to “Heads and Tails: The Writer's Strike”

Anonymous said...

You know, I am sick of you people always saying that Josh hasn't done much since Dawson's creek. THEY GUY HAS MADE 5 DAMN FILMS AND CURRENTLY HAS A FILM DUE OUT NEXT Month. Do your damn research.

Unknown said...

It's actually been nine films, according to IMDb, but who's counting? Perhaps I should have qualified it as "much blockbuster work," but (much to my dismay), Joshua Jackson *has* been out of the spotlight since Dawson's Creek. Can we both agree that Grey's could have been a great reminder of his attractiveness, charisma, and talent? I didn't mean to offend!

Anonymous said...

We might be seeing Josh more in the fall since he has a show he is currently filming which is "blockbuster" since it costs
10 million to make.

Anonymous said...

it's called Fringe

Unknown said...

Yes! It's called Fringe, it's JJ Abrams's new TV project--his first new spy-fi-ish since Lost--and I am super-excited. Look for a blog about it coming up soon!