Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lost: Aha! The X-Chromosome Factor and Its Application to Extended Family

Warning: Spoilers. Loads. Mae, don’t read.

The X-Chromosome Factor does NOT apply to extended family. In fact, cousins and little siblings and, well, nephews are great ways to fill the boy quota so your favorite OTP is free to have loads of daughters.

After Lost’s season finale, I blogged here about the possible people who could be waiting for Kate. I tossed aside any suggestion of Sawyer and crossed my fingers that Jack and Kate’s baby son was at home having separation anxiety. Babies miss their moms. As much as I loved this idea, I KNOW that the first Jaby will be a girl.

Which is why some recent chatter has piqued my interest.

Some discussion, which I very much like and will discuss at length, theorizes that the person back at Kate’s is Aaron Littleton.

TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello posted one of his classic asterisk quizzes which has potentially identified the mystery person as “someone who was on the plane, but didn’t have a ticket.”

In my mind, this narrows it down to three people: the pilot (utterly impossible, even for Lost), Vincent, or Aaron.

Could it be that when the Oceanic Six gets rescued, Claire, knowing that she can’t accompany them, sends Aaron with Jack and Kate for safe keeping?

You may have also heard the rumor that another person ends up on the rescue boat, but isn’t considered one of the six. Could this seventh be Aaron?

I think it can.

First of all, it’s precious. Surely by this point (maybe even pre-rescue), Jack knows his relationship to Aaron. The points I made about Kate being the primary caregiver (when I thought the mystery person was their Jaby) continue to apply here. They could have been coparenting Aaron until Jack got into the Oxycontin. Claire could knowingly put Aaron on the helicopter with his uncle, not specifically with Jack and Kate. And Jack’s turn for the worse could give Kate the motivation for taking responsibility for both her own life post-island and Aaron’s. It’s good Jate material.

This theory also plays into Aaron’s mythology. Quite well.

Remember “raised by another”?

Richard Malkin, Claire’s Australian psychic, was the one who bought her Flight 815 ticket, promising a couple in Los Angeles “perfect” for adopting Aaron. We suspected he knew the flight would crash and thus sabotaged the possibility of meeting potential adopters. But what if he knew that the LA couple wasn’t in LA...but rather in Sydney on their way to LA?

I really like this theory, and while I can’t in any way claim it as my own, I’m enjoying expanding upon it. In any case, I can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out. And if the “twist” of Episode Four is indeed that Not-So-Baby Aaron is in the care of Jack and Kate, I’ll be relieved. Not only will I know that Aaron is a seventh safe Oceanic survivor, but my Jaby girl vision is safe.

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