Monday, January 28, 2008

Journeyman: The Time-Traveler & His Wife (and 1940s Olivia, too) Say Goodbye

First of all, let me throw up a wave to dear darling Caroline as a "proof of life" on my part, as I'm sure she'll fall over dead of shock as soon as she sees that I have - in fact - updated this brilliant blog of ours that I have neglected for far too long now.

*waves at Caroline and wooks*

Second of all, I do realize that I haven't blogged a single entry about Journeyman since the first entry I posted as a review of the pilot. That doesn't mean I wasn't watching it every week with a deep intensity, though. I totally was. I may fail at keeping up with this blog on a regular basis (a problem I whole-heartedly mean to remedy once the strike ends... or at least once Lost comes back this week [!!]), but my dedication to the shows I really love is never wavering. Journeyman was a weekly treat for me. I found myself just barely paying attention to Heroes anyway, waiting impatiently through the episodes in anticipation of what Dan Vassar and his women would bring to me an hour later.

I fell in love with Kevin McKidd. Seriously, he is beyond adorable and he was basically genius in the role of Dan. I'm also totally a sucker for actors who can play opposite their natural accent: Hugh Laurie and Matthew Rhys, for instance. Both British. Rhys is actually Welsh, which is even cooler. Hell, Rachel Griffiths is Australian. And my time-traveling love, Kevin McKidd, is Scottish in reality. I am fascinated by these brilliant foreigners who play American accents so perfectly week to week. But whatever, I digress a bit... my point was that I just love Kevin McKidd. I never once disbelieved him as Dan, or any of the emotions that he displayed in the role.

What I hate most about the fact that NBC has decided to cancel this show (which I blame on the WGA strike.) is that I was really, really just starting to get obsessed with it. Sure, I loved it and refused to miss it every week. But I mean that I was just on the verge of a true fandom addiction. I was in a personal battle with myself over whether or not it was possible to 'ship both Dan/Katie AND Dan/Livia without betraying one's own fangirl 'shipper guidelines. If Dan and Olivia were only ever together during time travel, then wouldn't it theoretically be okay for there to be a Dan/Livia romance going on in Dan's past/Livia's future? While still allowing Dan to be blissfully married to Katie in the present? Couldn't I have the best of both options?

What's more, Dan's brother had just finally come to the realization that Dan's time travel was real - he wasn't delusional and there was nothing wrong with him aside from his inability to stay in the present tense. Livia had started spontaneously traveling to her future/Dan's present - she had been in Dan & Katie's house, saw pictures of Zack... she showed up at the newspaper offices and TALKED TO JACK. Like, Jack saw her and realized that she wasn't dead and that Dan wasn't crazy and that the whole situation is totally spastic. I was literally waiting with bated breath and far too much impatience for the day when Livia ended up face-to-face with Katie again. I mean, Katie knew Livia wasn't dead and that she was time traveling like Dan so it was only a matter of time before they saw one another... especially with Katie's insecurity over Dan being near Livia again.

Le sigh. I suppose it's just par for the course when it comes to NBC, really. They are infamous for canceling brilliant, thought-provoking shows before they ever truly get a chance to shine. It's really a miracle that Friday Night Lights is still on the air, and I can only hope they maintain it for a S3. But, just like so many other intelligent shows before it on NBC, Journeyman has fallen victim to being... well, really, too damn smart and good for the general American TV watcher.

Farewell, sweet almost-addiction of mine. You were tossed aside far before your time.

In other news, Lost is back on Thursday! I must repeat that exciting news! Again!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Writer's Strike: How I've Spent My Winter Vacation

Fingers crossed for an end to the strike this week!

I've been largely absent from the blog for the past few months, mostly because there has been VERY LITTLE to comment on, thanks to the dastardly writer's strike. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to fill you in on what I've been doing and watching since the pickets started.

Watching Project Runway. The judging sucks this season for serious. Why are Ricky and Sweet P still there while Kit and Kevin are at home? Why have the challenges been super-lame for the last few weeks? If not for Tim Gunn witticisms and Heidi Klum's adorable almost-English, I would barely be able to handle this season. Well, that's a lie. Who am I kidding -- it's the strike we're talking about. I'm watching Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.

Anticipating LOST. Can't flippin' wait. Jate is fate, people. Babies miss their moms, and Locke knows your ATM pin number.

Getting back into American Idol. Paula Abdul is such a train wreck. The talent so far has been pretty lacking, it would seem, but man oh man, Paula's antics never get old. I secretly think that the producers fund her obvious drug problem just to jazz up the show and get better ratings. Just another reason why I'm siding with the AMPTP.

Staying abreast on foreign affairs. Prince William and Kate Middleton should be engaged by next Christmas, and you better believe I'm going to buy the Woolworth's commemorative plate.

Reading spoilers for the upcoming X-Files film. I'm still a little disappointed that it's not going to be a Mythology movie. They say they want it to be really scary, and I can't think of anything scarier than the Cigarette-Smoking Man, particularly now that his face got burned off.

Constantly looking for new programming. Tori & Dean: Inn Love? I'm there. A Bring it On marathon on ABC Family? It's already been broughten. My cultural observations have ceased to be McReferency and are now about seeing Lauren Conrad at American Apparel or The Girls Next Door at a frat party.

Getting strike news coverage from at least three sources every day. Thanks, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Nikki Finke. Without you, I would be woefully underinformed. I have become my friends' favorite strike news source, despite my "noted anti-writers bias."

Reading. I do my homework now. It's a good thing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

YouTube Gold Mines!

Just wanted to share with you a couple of brilliant YouTube videos that have crossed my desk this week.

The first is an ABC-made video meant to act as a catch-all catch-up for Lost's season premiere. It's not only incredibly informative (all three seasons in just 8 minutes and 15 seconds!), it's also really funny for my fellow Lost insiders.

"Sawyer and Kate think they're going to die, so they have sex. Jack sees Kate and Sawyer on an old TV. Jack says he'll do the surgery."

"Kate, Locke, and Sayid come back for Jack. They see Jack playing football with Mr. Friendly. Mr. Friendly throws like a girl."

"Locke blows up the submarine that was Jack's ride. Jack is mad."

The matter-of-factness of this video cracks me up. I'm crazy about it. So is Mae.

The second is a fan-made video in the Friday Night Lights fandom. See, I've recently become a fan of Carrie Underwood after seeing her perform on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. (And after seeing Enchanted.) And one of the songs on her newest album is called "All-American Girl." It tells the story of a guy who always wanted a football-playing son, but ended up (gloriously!) with a baby girl. First of all, so sweet. Here at Chaos in General, we love our daughter daddies to death. I want that man in the song to be my husband--but too late for me, because he's already married to Tami Taylor.

I'm not like insane for any of the FNL couples, but how can you not be swept away by the Coach/Mrs. Coach love? How can you not want that desperately? 'Cause I do. Tami Taylor is a lucky, lucky girl.

Please send me any more FNL videos you see set to this song or, by all means, any more gold mines you find on YouTube!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lost: Aha! The X-Chromosome Factor and Its Application to Extended Family

Warning: Spoilers. Loads. Mae, don’t read.

The X-Chromosome Factor does NOT apply to extended family. In fact, cousins and little siblings and, well, nephews are great ways to fill the boy quota so your favorite OTP is free to have loads of daughters.

After Lost’s season finale, I blogged here about the possible people who could be waiting for Kate. I tossed aside any suggestion of Sawyer and crossed my fingers that Jack and Kate’s baby son was at home having separation anxiety. Babies miss their moms. As much as I loved this idea, I KNOW that the first Jaby will be a girl.

Which is why some recent chatter has piqued my interest.

Some discussion, which I very much like and will discuss at length, theorizes that the person back at Kate’s is Aaron Littleton.

TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello posted one of his classic asterisk quizzes which has potentially identified the mystery person as “someone who was on the plane, but didn’t have a ticket.”

In my mind, this narrows it down to three people: the pilot (utterly impossible, even for Lost), Vincent, or Aaron.

Could it be that when the Oceanic Six gets rescued, Claire, knowing that she can’t accompany them, sends Aaron with Jack and Kate for safe keeping?

You may have also heard the rumor that another person ends up on the rescue boat, but isn’t considered one of the six. Could this seventh be Aaron?

I think it can.

First of all, it’s precious. Surely by this point (maybe even pre-rescue), Jack knows his relationship to Aaron. The points I made about Kate being the primary caregiver (when I thought the mystery person was their Jaby) continue to apply here. They could have been coparenting Aaron until Jack got into the Oxycontin. Claire could knowingly put Aaron on the helicopter with his uncle, not specifically with Jack and Kate. And Jack’s turn for the worse could give Kate the motivation for taking responsibility for both her own life post-island and Aaron’s. It’s good Jate material.

This theory also plays into Aaron’s mythology. Quite well.

Remember “raised by another”?

Richard Malkin, Claire’s Australian psychic, was the one who bought her Flight 815 ticket, promising a couple in Los Angeles “perfect” for adopting Aaron. We suspected he knew the flight would crash and thus sabotaged the possibility of meeting potential adopters. But what if he knew that the LA couple wasn’t in LA...but rather in Sydney on their way to LA?

I really like this theory, and while I can’t in any way claim it as my own, I’m enjoying expanding upon it. In any case, I can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out. And if the “twist” of Episode Four is indeed that Not-So-Baby Aaron is in the care of Jack and Kate, I’ll be relieved. Not only will I know that Aaron is a seventh safe Oceanic survivor, but my Jaby girl vision is safe.