Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday Night Lights: Mae and Caroline Pilfer The S2 Premiere

Before I even start, I'm going to make one thing blatantly clear: SPOILER WARNING.

Like many hardcore FNL fans, Caroline and I have already gotten our grubby hands on the Season 2 premiere of the show and watched it several days ago. Due to our schedules, we only got around to discussing it tonight. Just below, I'm providing the relevant FNL pieces of our conversation tonight as we reacted and dissected what I have only been able to refer to as a general mindfuck of shock and overload. We only touched on two of the major plot points, so there's plenty left unsaid - which will be discussed after everyone else sees the premiere on it's regular night and time.

Once again, you have been warned of the spoilers that live immediately underneath this sentence. It's no longer our fault if you read it and ruin the surprises.


Mae (5:04:35 PM): holy fnl premiere, batman.
Caroline (5:04:43 PM): i know right
Caroline (5:04:49 PM): gracie!!!!!!
Mae (5:04:52 PM): i was like *jawdrop*
Caroline (5:05:25 PM): specifically tyra/landry (how ironic they were watching fried green tomatoes) or all of it?
Mae (5:05:41 PM): specifically them. but overall, too.
Mae (5:06:23 PM): like, it was predictable as soon as she sent him into the store without her. and i knew he would be dead as soon as landry hit him with the bottle. but the whole not calling the cops and just dumping the body thing...
Mae (5:06:27 PM): yeah didn't see that coming
Caroline (5:07:00 PM): i mean, they would have been FINE calling the cops. it was totally playable as self-defense
Mae (5:07:11 PM): i know! that's why i was so shocked!
Mae (5:07:18 PM): cuz they didn't do anything wrong at all
Mae (5:07:25 PM): they wouldn't have gotten in any trouble
Caroline (5:07:41 PM): i know
Caroline (5:07:54 PM): i can't believe you said they were gonna have a boy
Caroline (5:08:15 PM): by the time i finished last season, i KNEW that kid was a girl. if ANYBODY EVER was a father of daughters, it's eric taylor.
Mae (5:08:33 PM): k but here's the thing about mr and mrs coach
Mae (5:09:28 PM): it could have gone either way. he is a blatant father of daughters. but he is a football coach. i could see him getting the son he has always wanted to play catch with, etc. he spent a lot of season 1 trying to football-up julie, lol
Caroline (5:10:36 PM): but that's why he has a teamful of boys
Mae (5:10:46 PM): point taken.
Mae (5:10:48 PM): but still.
Mae (5:10:58 PM): julie is not fond of gracie.
Mae (5:11:58 PM): she's all boo you baby, daddy left me and he comes rushing home to hang out with you.
Caroline (5:13:15 PM): oh whatever
Caroline (5:13:30 PM): three episodes i give him. three episodes before coach taylor's back in dillon
Mae (5:14:03 PM): well that seed was planted the second assface new!coach was revealed
Mae (5:14:29 PM): you know that won't stick. coach taylor will be back to protect his boys.
Caroline (5:14:50 PM): gawsh i love him
Caroline (5:15:23 PM): friday night lights has even put the code black episodes of grey's into a whole new context for me
Mae (5:15:52 PM): i know! you see him on grey's and you're all "oh, you are SO coach all the time, everywhere!"
Mer (5:16:17 PM): in the limbo episode, i laugh my ass off when he's arguing with denny or when he's lecturing mer because it's so coach.
Caroline (5:17:06 PM): i have not rewatched that since
Caroline (5:17:12 PM): but kyle chandlerrrrr

_______ we interrupt this convo to talk about non-fandom topics_______

Mae (6:13:51 PM): in a brief return to fnl talk, i'm back to wondering about tyra and landry. why wouldn't they realize they wouldn't get in trouble? landry told mrs. coach about the first attack, and mrs. coach made tyra report it.
Mae (6:13:53 PM): so like
Mae (6:14:06 PM): it was already on file that the shithead was giving her grief
Caroline (6:14:07 PM): i know. it's ridiculous
Caroline (6:15:13 PM): i really just think....bad choice, writers.
Mae (6:15:22 PM): that's what blows my mind. i mean it made for a great shock factor and wtf moment, but it wasn't necessary for a great storyline for them. they could have built a brilliant storyline over them dealing with what happened that night and the aftershocks of the "murder" and the town rallying around them, etc
Caroline (6:15:47 PM): exactly
Mae (6:15:53 PM): there were so many other brilliant ways to write it while still keeping the whole "landry accidentally killed the jerk" aspect of it
Mae (6:17:07 PM): i think that was the main shock to me... it was just unnecessary, despite making for great scenes for their acting skills
Caroline (6:17:52 PM): honestly, though, through most of that episode i just kept waiting for them to go back to coach & baby
Caroline (6:17:56 PM): so sweet
Mae (6:19:00 PM): kyle is just basically the most brilliant man on television. and connie with the crying and the breaking down after he said he was leaving and... love
Caroline (6:19:25 PM): oh i agree. they are TAL-EN-TED
Mae (6:19:33 PM): i can't wait for gracie to grow up. because i adore more than anything else the coach/julie scenes like the one in the car. now i long for more of coach/gracie.


On a side note, I realize I've yet to post my review of the ABC pilots I previewed a few weeks ago. I'll be taking care of that tomorrow. Because obviously it's pointless if I don't do it before they actually air. Hee.

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