Friday, May 4, 2007

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: You're a Bitch, But I Love You Anyway!

So, um, yeah. Clearly, I may have misjudged little Rebecca Harper-Walker just a smidgen. I just had so much faith in her that she cared too much about her budding relationship with the Walkers to actually risk that on a make-out session with Joe. In actuality, she was the one who initiated the whole thing. She was the one that tried to take it even farther. Her mother saw right through her and suspected that Rebecca had tried to seduce Joe in order to turn the tables on him and get the family to take her side - a theory that Becca angrily denied and I was refusing to believe - and she was completely and totally right about it.

The thing is, now that I've had about a week to mull over the entire issue, I've decided that I still stand by my initial feelings toward Rebecca. I still totally love her. She's still one of my absolute favorite new characters on television. And, really, I wasn't actually that wrong about her after all. l was, clearly, wrong about thinking she was completely in the right and had been taken advantage of by Joe; but I wasn't at all wrong about my belief that she cares a great deal about becoming an accepted and loved member of the Walker clan. She cares about that so much that she's willing to bet Joe will never rat her out and instead take the fall for himself. If (and when) the Walkers find out that Rebecca wasn't exactly innocent in the whole fiasco, she's bound to be stripped of her newfound family and any chance of ever being trusted by them ever again. I can't really explain why it is, but I find her moxie and completely twisted logic to be rather endearing.

Think about it: she's had a tough time of it since the day we met her, and she wants so desperately to be loved and accepted by Nora and the gang. She tries to pretend as if it doesn't matter to her if they like her or not, but obviously it's what she wants more than anything. She wants to belong and she wants to be a part of something special - a part of a family unit where she can make memories with her brothers and sisters just like so many of her other friends were lucky enough to do their entire lives. And she wants that so, so badly that she actually is willing to risk losing it all on the off-chance that Joe won't ever tell the truth and everyone will rally around her. I'm not saying that what she did is right - I think it was really underhanded, actually - but I am saying that I can understand why she would find it necessary. For chrissake, Joe was the one who told her that if you want the Walker clan to truly support you and show you all of their love, you need to be having a terrible time with life.

So, really, I could play the devil's advocate and say that Joe more or less gave her the idea to do what she ended up doing to him. She took his advice and created a terrible situation for herself. Maybe he shouldn't have made such a suggestion! He brought this upon himself! Plus, just because Rebecca initiated the flirting doesn't mean Joe is any less of a skeezbag than I initially theorized him to be. Whether he started it or not, he still kissed his wife's sister. Willingly.


Personally, I just feel a weird connection with Rebecca and it makes me want her to be happy. I really do want her to get what she's been hoping for - the family she never had. Yes, she's an underhanded little wench who I'm sure has plenty more skeletons in her closet, but at the same time she's an underhanded little wench for whom I feel a lot of empathy. I want her to come out on top, here. Joe doesn't deserve to have his marriage fall apart and his family turn against him just because he was complicit in Rebecca's actions... well, actually, yes he does. He skeeved me out before and he's still skeeving me out now, so I'm pretty much okay with whatever bad things fall upon him. It's Rebecca with whom I somehow find it easier to overlook the faults. Mainly because, like I said, I can empathize with her dreams of family and acceptance - and I really want her to find that happiness. She went about it all wrong, but... she was desperate. It's no excuse, but at the same time it totally is.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

LOST: Skabies is a disease. No one wants that.

After last week's episode, there was one prevailing sentiment that flowed loud and clear from me and Caroline: if they're trying to drop hints that Kate's two dirty rumbles in the sack with Sawyer have left her pregnant, I will be forced to stop watching this show. And I will be PISSED.

PISSED PISSED PISSED, as was the ongoing message Caroline and I typed to one another on instant message immediately following the episode.

I honestly don't know what other theory we're supposed to come up with based on that cryptic ending. Juliet finishes a sonogram on Sun to check out her pregnancy and then records a message for Ben in which she says she completed the work-up on Kwon and should have samples from Austen soon...? What the holy effing Hell is that supposed to mean if it doesn't mean Juliet suspects Kate to be pregnant?!?

Honestly, I don't actually believe that the storyline is going to go down that path at all. But the mere idea of it makes me sick to my stomach and makes me need to vent about how much I hate them even insinuating such a thing.

Personally, I would rather Kate come down with a case of the syph so that she learns her lesson about having all the sex with dirty, dirty bastards. Having a Skaby is just the wrong kind of punishment altogether.

Which leads me to point out that Skabies (unlike Jabies) sounds exactly Scabies, which is something no one in their right mind would ever want. Yeah, let's all go out and get infested with tiny little mites that bury themselves in our skin and lay eggs that will itch with unbearable pain for weeks and weeks on end! Sounds like great fun! Kate should totally be hoping for a case of the Skabies, really, because I'm sure carrying the spawn of a dirty, dirty bastard is just as enjoyable as that infectious disease.

Jabies sounds a lot more comfortable, and a helluva lot more adorable. I don't know what JAbrams, Damon and Carlton are all thinking if they actually plan on going the route of Kate + Sawyer = baby and family. It's just stupid. Caroline has always said that she felt as though she was promised Jate in the pilot of this show, and not long ago I read an article in which Damon flat out said that by the end of this season they would make good on a promise they made in the pilot. He didn't say which promise that was, but he said we didn't even need to ask - we would know.

I can't imagine what promise he's possibly talking about if it's not that promise of Jate. And that just makes me more and more annoyed every week when I have to keep watching the whole Skate/Jate triangle playing out. It's tiring and pointless, and if Juliet has reason to believe that Kate is pregnant... well, then, I'm going to have to figure out what kind of angry-looking stationary I need in order to send off a lot of hate mail in crisp white envelopes.