Friday, April 6, 2007

Lost: Movin' On Up?

First of all, may I offer you the following quote from Damon Lindelof: “Christmas may be celebrated in Season Four.” Got it? Now read my March 8 blog titled “Lost: All I Want For You is Christmas.”

Funnily enough, lately I’ve been musing on how every Lost event could affect the Christmas celebration. Like, I know Nikki and Paolo were buried with their diamonds, but Jack could totally do a little excavating and turn one of those little rocks into a pretty nice piece of jewelry. (Screw my theory on an engagement ring made out of twigs—give that girl a diamond!)

Yeah, that’s pretty sick.

Anyway, remember that whole season one debate about moving to the caves? Jack’s half of the group thought the caves would be safer, while the Kate Contingent refused to give up hope of rescue by leaving the beach. Both sides had legitimate arguments at the time, even though they pretty much abandoned the caves for the hatch, and now that it’s gone kablooey, everybody’s back at the beach or traipsing around with the Others. (By the way, go screw yourself, Locke. I hope you die a tragic death next to Michael and Walt.)

I wonder if such an argument will arise with the possibility of moving the group away from the beach and to the now-abandoned Barracks. I mean, three months ago, I might have been hesitant to move to the caves. Sure, there was fresh water and three sides of rock walls, but the possibility of rescue still seemed so real.

Now it’s December, and help ain’t coming.

The Hatch is gone, and took with it showers, music, and mattresses. (One of my gripes about last year’s finale was that nobody tried to salvage anything from the Hatch before blowing it up. Yeah, I know they probably weren’t predicting that massive explosion--or their survival of it--, but I bet a comfy recliner’s looking pretty nice right about now. Am I right, Desmond?)

If I was Jack, I’d be trying to convince everybody to start packing.

The Barracks have so many things that the beach doesn’t. Shelter is the first thing that comes to mind, along with a seemingly endless supply of DHARMA food and fresh water. With the houses at the Barracks comes privacy, something the Lostaways have had very little of in the past 83 days. (Yeah, I’m secretly squeeing at the possibility of Jack and Kate setting up house together, but that has very little to do with this particular argument.)

There’s also the potential for communication with the outside world, no? We’re still not entirely sure how the Others operate, but they’ve somehow got contact with the mainland, unless we’re to believe Patchy that communication has been down for a while. They’ve got a better chance there than at the beach.

Clearly, there’s also a big security factor. The smoke monster can’t get through the sonic barrier, which would be reason enough for me to make the trek through the jungle. Juliet knows the code, and she/Sayid could surely change the code so that returning Others wouldn’t be able to get through. I mean, I guess they could climb over it like Kate and the gang did, but that might be difficult for Ben “I Just Had Back Surgery” Linus.

Life in the Barracks would also substantially influence Christmas. With a huge amount of stuff lying around, gifting would be a lot more interesting and fun. Imagine, instead of getting a beautiful seashell necklace, you might get Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots. (And anything’s possible with the magic box.)

My roommate Melissa pointed out to me, however, that we don’t know why the Others left, and we should assume that they did so for a reason. Cautious optimism is called for, definitely, but I still think that the Barracks are the best choice right now.

Especially if those houses have cable.

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