Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ER: Noah's Arc?

Here's a short post about my hopes and dreams.

You may have noticed by now that I have a pretty serious love-hate relationship with ER. Basically, I used to love it more than anything else in the entire world (probably even more than my sister), and now I hate it. The Carter-Abby breakup led me to completely abandon my ties to the fandom, the series, and especially John Wells. (May he spend eternity with Michael and Walt.)

Anyway, Mae and I both agree that ER could be restored to our good graces with the snap of a finger and the return of John Carter.

According to rumor (and now semi-confimed by Michael Ausiello), Carter will indeed spend a few episodes at County next year.

Before I get my hopes up, I should preface this with:

It could be more lame Africa episodes, in which Carter and Abby have no interaction whatsoever.

Carter and Abby will, at this point, be married. To different people. Hmm.

However, despite warnings to myself that Carter's return will probably mean nothing to Abby, my gut reaction was "Noah? Certain people in Croaaaaatiaaaaa? Baaaabieeeees? 'Biiiiitas?"

Literally, if you brought Carter back and put him in scenes with Abby where they weren't pretending to be happy for each other, I would be hanging on every moment of those episodes. I would be blogging about it constantly, I would be running around like an idiot before, during, and, after the episodes, I would be an ER fan again.

I would love it.

Carter and Abby remain, four years after I abandoned Thursday nights because of them, remain my OTP. My heart holds out hope that producers would use Noah Wyle's arc to put the characters back together, raise baby Joe together in America, adopt lots of little Carbita girls, and live happily ever after.

And tonight, I sleep with the feeling that this might just happen.

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Unknown said...

I thought I loved this blog already, but then you started talking about Carby. I am in love with you. OMG.

This is an amazing place.