Thursday, March 15, 2007

October Road: Monkey Redemption

Two years ago, I was anxiously anticipating the end of high school and the end of the TV season. West Wing was nominating a new Democratic Presidential candidate, Alias was gearing up for some serious prophecy-fulfilling (and the return of Lena Olin!), and Gilmore Girls was promising proposals. Along with everyone else in the country, I was also watching Desperate Housewives. The first season of Desperate Housewives, you might remember, was a force to be reckoned with, as it consistently brought entertainment shock-and-awe to the small screen. It marked the glorious return of Teri Hatcher and ABC. So when March rolled around, ABC experimented with the post-DH slot, and introduced a promising new medical drama to the lineup.

This was, of course, Grey’s Anatomy.

Obviously, Grey’s has become my favorite television drama, but the promos for the premiere made it seem like it was the second coming. They were brilliant. I often complain that most networks promo departments (particularly that of the Peacock) are run by monkeys. (By the way, if anyone can tell me where this “run by monkeys” bit began, please contact me.) But those commercials for the Grey’s premiere were so well-done and so indicative of the show itself that I—and, apparently, most of America—was convinced to tune in.

I was not disappointed. Even now, when I see those promos for Grey’s in syndication on Lifetime (the ones to the tune of “The First Cut Is the Deepest”), I seriously consider tuning in, even though I have the DVDs and I don’t need to “remember the first time they saved a life” because it was only two years ago.

I put the same faith in the promos for tonight’s premiere of October Road, which brings the Alphabet Network full-circle as it premieres this show after, what else, Grey’s Anatomy.

I have not seen anything about this show other than the ABC promos. I haven’t read articles, haven’t heard any chatter about it, haven’t even seen the cast members on Regis and Kelly. All I’ve seen are the commercials with the ever-adorable Laura Prepon saying, “The whole time I was yelling at him, all I wanted to do was just...kiss him!” And I just melt. Because who hasn’t been there, right?

I love this commercial. I’ve seen it from my living room couch in Washington, in Times Square in New York, and in the nail salon here in Atlanta, and every time, I’ve stopped, watched, and made a comment to a person near me (my roommate, my friend Clarissa, the woman who did my manicure) that October Road is going to be the next Grey’s Anatomy.

It looks charming, sweet, funny, and about fifteen other adjectives that mean must-see.

And if it doesn’t live up to my expectations, we’ll just blame it on the monkeys.

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