Thursday, March 8, 2007

Lost: All I Want For You Is Christmas

Few things are as important to my family as Christmas. When I go home for Thanksgiving, my mother and I decorate our house to the hilt with Christmas regalia. We have something like eight trees, each with its own theme. When my parents remodeled our kitchen five years ago, my mom had the tops of the cabinet specially wired for her ceramic Christmas village. We’re that intense.

I’m absolutely giddy, then, at the prospect of Christmas on Lost.
keeps a detailed timeline of island events, and it’s currently December 10, which should put a Christmas celebration right around November sweeps of next season. Perfect!

I desperately want to see the Losties make do with what they have to make a really sweet holiday celebration.

I imagine that a group of the castaways, perhaps led by Hurley, will attempt to gather decorations, food, and, yes, presents, in an attempt to create a few rare days of happiness. Of course, Jack’s safe return will coincide with the holiday. Finally the gang will all be together again, and I will squee like a little girl through the entire episode.

I want to see them trek through the jungle to get stuff to make ornaments and tinsel out of, and then see them create a veritable Winter Wonderland in the tropics. Sayid, who we learned last night is a chef, can cook up a big boar, and Rose can ration out Dharma supplies for a few weeks so there’ll be more for Christmas dinner. It’ll be great!

As for presents, I hope Jack and Kate will swap meaningful little somethings. Guava seeds, perhaps? Rousseau’s famous net? An engagement ring fashioned out of twigs? Damon is better at that stuff than me.

Anyway, at this point it’s just a secret little fantasy that I wanted to put to paper.

Feliz Navidad, Losties.

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