Friday, March 16, 2007

HOUSE: I Think We Should Have Sex

What is the big fascination with the House/Cameron 'ship?

Seriously, I do not understand it. I've tried, I really have, but I don't see it and I definitely don't feel it. I had thought that perhaps we were getting past that phase or at least the strong effort to shove that phase down our throats, but it appears that I was wrong. When Cameron stood in front of him with that worried face of hers because she was convinced he had cancer, I saw the kiss coming from a mile away. I also could tell that it was all a trick to distract him so that she could give him the injection, but nevertheless it was obvious that a kiss was coming.

And even after it became clear that she had only done it to distract him, we still had to put up with the whole "You kissed me/you kissed me back" banter, which I just found annoying because - well, because I don't see any chemistry there and it just annoys the hell out of me that they won't let it go. The writers, I mean, not Cameron and House. They *can't* let it go, they don't even actually exist. Whatever.

The one bright spot for me in the past two episodes was when Cameron and Chase were walking out of the hospital and she suggested they become "no strings attached" sex buddies. You can now all imagine me doing the happy dance, because this is so much more interesting to me than trying to help Cameron figure out why House is so closed-off and skeered of teh love. Honestly, I miss Sela Ward but that's another argument altogether.

As far as Cameron/Chase is concerned, this is a potential 'ship that makes me excited. You just know that the "no strings attached" deal isn't going to work out. Situations like these always go one of two ways: either they call it off altogether and never hook up again, or one (if not both) of the individuals involved will end up falling hard and fast in love with the other. Thus this whole "no strings attached" deal just opens the door nice and wide for some angst and good times as they try to fight their true feelings and pretend like the "falling hard and fast" part is absolutely not happening.

Sounds like an incredible amount of 'shipper fun, if you ask me. That's the kind of shit I thrive on. That's the kind of stuff that makes me fall for a 'ship. It's that "we really want to but we really shouldn't" aspect of it all, or the whole realization that you got into this situation because it was supposed to be safe and simple... yet it's only made things more complicated because now you actually feel things for your sex slave. Damn those feelings.

I love it! And I will be incredibly happy if the writers can actually pull this off, because I've been having a serious problem with my inability to 'ship anyone on this show. If I can finally have one to hold on to that makes my heart go all aflutter from week to week, perhaps my interest in it and my ability to find my muse about it won't go through such an ebb and flow all of the time.

That would be nice, don't you think? I officially pick up my "Cameron/Chase" banner and wave it around like a crazy person in desperate need of a couple to love. Join me, won't you?

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