Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Night Lights: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Can't Lose

I've been debating whether or not I was going to put this unbelievably wonderful show into my lineup of blog topics. The debate sprang not from my lack of weekly interest or ideas for discussion (because, truly, I think I could talk about this TV gem forever), but more out of my insecurity about whether or not I'll even be given a second season to blog about at all.

Call it a new wave of positive thinking (perhaps because of how much The Secret has been shoved down my throat lately), call it whatever you want - all that matters is that I've decided to stop worrying and waiting, and instead simply believe it will all go right for next season. So here we are, and we can all cross our fingers together.

First and foremost, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I can make magical predictions about this show. I'm sure that I could, but I have an on-set source and therefore I don't need to guess about anything. Still, I'm not going to spit out major spoilers every time I talk about this show (well, at least not without a warning), so don't run scared that I'm going to ruin your hopes of being in the dark for the next four episodes. I gotta say though, if you haven't already pieced it together yet... I don't really know what to tell you. It's a fabulous, riveting, brilliant show about the dynamics of all types of relationships - but the football aspect of it is relatively predictable.

There's an ongoing theme on the Panthers' football field of Dillon tailing behind with only minutes left in the game as we all watch their desperate fight to bring home the W. If it's not that scenario, then it's a case of the Dillon Panthers barely holding down a very slim lead over the opponent as we all sit and watch their desperate fight to hold onto the lead and bring home the W. So, honestly, are you really expecting the next couple of games to differentiate from the norm?

And do you actually believe that the Dillon Panthers *won't* make it to the State Championship? Of course they will.

I probably should have warned everyone, since that was a spoiler. But I'd honestly be amazed if that hadn't leaked out already, considering how blatantly it was plastered around Texas before and during the filming of the season finale. As I sit here in the rain/sleet/snow of this east coast winter storm, I can't help but wish I lived in Texas, too. Must be nice and warm. And also full of all those FNL cuties. Yum.

But anyway, back to the info from my source: We definitely haven't seen the last of Voodoo - he'll be turning up again for some very important moments/games. Dillon High School will have to be evacuated. One of the Panthers (of whom I'm not naming names) will find himself injured after making a beautiful and all-important play on the field. And the outcome of the State Championship game will come down to the final 6 seconds of play time and a 1-point-difference in the final score. Whether or not that one point will be reason to celebrate or reason to drop your heads in shame, I'm not telling. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Which is actually the same mantra I'm taking toward this waiting game of next year's season. Personally, I'm not concerned about Coach Taylor and the offer from TMU - if the show does get it's well-deserved second season, then clearly he's not taking the job and going anywhere. I love everyone in the cast, but the dynamic of the show - in my opinion - is nothing without Kyle Chandler. And if the Peacock doesn't save this show, it will be the biggest mistake in cancellation since Freaks & Geeks.

No matter what happens, it's been a joy to watch and such a refresher from the same-old-same-old scripted TV with which we've become so comfortable. Don't give up on it, and don't stop tuning in. American Idol will do just fine without your help in the ratings - tune in where it counts and where it's worth your time.

There's a handful of episodes before this season ends and we wait to see if another will ever begin. It's going to be a hell of a ride and I promise that it won't disappoint. Do your part and keep believing in Season Two - remember: CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS... what?

... I can't hear you...

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I couldn't agree with you more- fantastic blog entry, methinks!