Friday, March 2, 2007

Alias: "He's due a second coming - by way of a child..."

I have a list saved on my harddrive of all of the questions I would ask J.J. Abrams if and when I ever got the chance to meet him. It's not pages and pages long, but it's more than three or four random queries. They range in topic on many levels from, "What in the world made you think we'd ever believe Spy Mommy is evil?" all the way to "If Francinator took the Rambaldi potion that would always heal her, how come it didn't heal her when Will stabbed her in S3?"

My brain doesn't discriminate on question topics, and some are much more unimportant than others. However, there's one in particular that really gets under my skin and makes me long for a lunch date with the JAbrams so that I might pick his brain for a few hours on nothing more than this one subject.

If Sydney was told in S3 that one of the prophecies dealt with her giving birth to the second coming of Rambaldi, why was it not followed through with when Isabelle was conceived and born?

I have watched "Full Disclosure" (the episode in which this prophecy is announced) about 3948657394 times over the past several years, and there has always been a major loophole. Kendall tells Sydney that The Covenant extracted her eggs because *they believe* that the prophecy means Rambaldi's second coming has to be mothered by Syd and fathered directly from Rambaldi's 500-year-old swimmers. Kendall made it clear that this is just the way The Covenant chose to interpret the prophecy - not that it was, in fact, what the prophecy meant.

So, here's the issue I take with this: I always assumed that we'd reach a point where Syd & Vaughn would have a baby, and it would be revealed that Vaughn is a descendent of the ancient Rambaldi bloodline. Thus, him having a baby with Syd fulfills that prophecy because a child will have been created with the blood of The Chosen One and the bloodine/DNA of Rambaldi. And when Season Four ended with him revealing, "My name isn't Michael Vaughn," (and the audience already knowing of Garner's pregnancy) I was so sure it was all going to play out exactly as I had imagined.

Vaughn's father was involved in Rambaldi craziness. He was forced to flee their home and change all of their names. In the premiere of S5, it was revealed that the information Vaughn's father had been working on was some sort of genetic coding. All of this was leading up perfectly to a reveal that Andre Michaux was actually a part of the Rambaldi bloodline. It would have fit in so well with Alias mythology for the prophecy to have come together so "magically" by way of Syd and Vaughn falling in love on their own terms and yet maybe being fated to find one another because it was their destiny to have a child and fulfill that prophecy.

Would that not have been incredibly awesome? I would have preferred all of that over Sloane and the magic life juice in Rambaldi's tomb any day. But the series is over and how it ended can't be undone, so I'm forced to dream another dream.

Now, more than ever, I want an Alias movie. Let it pick up not long after the finale left off - several years in the future with Isabelle and Baby Jack living life on the beach with mom and dad. Isabelle showed us that she's "special" with her puzzle solving abilities, and I still think it's believable that people like Kelly Peyton and Sark would have an interest in her if it were discovered that Vaughn is a carrier of Rambaldi DNA. Suddenly, the Bristow-Vaughn children peak the interest of these Rambaldi enthusiasts because they are living proof of this "second coming" of Rambaldi.

Let's say they get kidnapped. Or at least Isabelle gets kidnapped, say right off the beach or out of her bedroom at night or riding her bike or while she's on the playground at "Deserted Island Beach Elementary School." You could base an entire really kickass movie around the revelation of Vaughn's bloodline and the fight to protect and rescue Isabelle.

Sort of a little bit like how I dream of the next X-Files movie being all about Mulder and Scully's search for William and their fight to get him back home with his real parents.

A girl can dream, right? Even if she can't, she can still put her foot down that everything stated above would make for one of the coolest movies ever. And I wouldn't mind more Garner/Vartan on screen together, either.

Oh, and just to prove that I'm not daydreaming all sorts of craziness, I found proof today that I am not alone in thinking this is a great idea. My friends can testify that I've had this whole storyline in my head for years, and my first Alias blog can prove that I stated it on paper at least a month ago... so it's not like I found what I'm about to show you just today and thought to myself, "What a fabulous idea! I shall claim it as my own!" More like I found what I'm about to show you and it reminded me that I've been meaning to blog about this...

Anyway, check out this awesome video to get an even better picture of what I'm talking about and how kickass it would be if they went through with it. I offer major props to whoever made this pseudo movie trailer - my brain thanks you for proving that I'm not alone in thinking they should have done the whole "Isabelle is the second coming because Vaughn is actually a Rambaldi" storyline in the first place.

I guess now we can hold out hope together that JAbrams and the gang realize like we have what a great idea it is, and then maybe someday soon we'll see a real trailer in theaters not incredibly unlike this fake one that I now drool over with hope and desire.

If all else fails, I suppose I'll have to write the screenplay myself.

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Anonymous said...

umm ok that was the best fake movie trailer in the history of fake movie trailers...or real movie trailers for that matter.

Anonymous said...

That's my sister's trailer! We agree with you 100% that the storyline you described perfectly would be an incredible movie. My sister and I also really thought they were going in that direction on the show, and it is nice to see we weren't the only ones. It was set up so perfectly but never followed through. Thanks for posting her video in your log!