Monday, March 19, 2007

ABC Promo Department Goes from Hate to Jate

There’s a new Lost promo out for this Wednesday’s episode, and it’s a doozy.

Skaters beware, ‘cause it looks like “The Man From Tallahassee” is gonna be the Jate Fest we’ve been waiting for.

This promo, complete with a voiceover from someone I’ll lovingly call a non-monkey, is all about the Jack and Kate. In it, they recap previous Jate highlights—the net, the kiss, the glass hands—as well as give a sneak peek at this week’s episode, which gives us a tearful Kate (and of course a tearful Jack) meeting up in his little island house. He plays the piano (Gasp! The hot!) and tells her “I told you not to come back here for me, and I really wish that you hadn’t.” Then, in a move full of angst, sweetness, sorrow, sexiness, and another thirty emotions that mean Matthew Fox, Jack whispers raspily into Kate's ear: “I will come back here for you.”

It’s like they kicked me in the chest. Major sigh.

I gather, then, that Jack is getting ready to receive on the Others’s promise to him. It also looks like Jack IS just playing along with the Others in order to get the escape he’s been promised.

What I also gather is that Jack really thinks he can escape. Given what little we know about the island, it seems like it’s been pretty difficult to get out of what Desmond called this “bloody snowglobe.” Sure, maybe Michael and Walt did it, but I’d rather believe that those traitors died at sea. Also, it’s been revealed that the Others lost communication with the outside world via Patchy’s house, right? Unless the two are connected (say, they have communication with the outside world because they can’t otherwise leave), I don’t see how Jack’s actually going to get out.

Secondly, can we reflect for a moment on what a horrible leader Jack has proven to be?

I understand that you’d want to get off the island—especially if your one chance for island sex was spotted fornicating in a cage with somebody else—but does that justify unabashedly leaving behind the rest of the group? This goes against everything about the Jack we've known since he protected little Marc Silverman in a childhood flashback. He’s been the most necessary member of the group since he took control of the situation in the pilot! We’ve seen him treat patient after patient out of a deep feeling of responsibility toward his fellow castaways, and now he’s just going to leave them all behind?

I feel quite certain that Jack has something else in mind. That, as he hints at in this promo, he plans to make his escape and then return with a boat big enough to take all of the Losties back to civilization.

Fat chance. It’s taken Penny Widmore years to even maybe find an electromagnetic anomaly that could maybe lead to Desmond—maybe.

Perhaps Jack does make a connection to the outside world, then immediately turns back for Kate and—Oops!—gets stuck again.

All I know is that he’s not going to die. It seems pretty obvious at this point that they’re going to kill Charlie, and it would be downright cruel to kill two characters from the front of the Season One DVD box in the span of eight episodes. I would stop watching. I also know that people are getting tired of having his stories be separate from everyone else’s. It’s the same reason The Office has been so irritating this season—Jim spent half the season away from the group. Nobody wants that. There’s a reason you guys win awards as an ensemble.

I’d place money on Jack being back with the group by the season finale. (Which would mean that, yes, Foxy and the Losties wouldn’t have acted together in an entire calendar year. That is ridiculous.) And there better be a damn good reunion for Jack and Kate. There better be freakin’ fireworks, is all I’m saying.

Watch the promo, feel the love, repeat.

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