Wednesday, February 14, 2007

LOST: We're here to watch.

Welcome to the first installment of what is likely to happen whenever Caroline and I are both at home in front of the TV at the same time for a show that we both love. Real-time blog chatting! Trust me, it's the coolest thing you've ever experienced. So follow along with us as we watch, and either heartily agree or angrily disagree with every second of our commentary. The time stamps are even in-tact to make it clearer what was happening at each moment as we chatted. Because we're just that aware of what might make things easier. We know that it'd probably make things easier if we actually spelled out what was happening as we talking about it, but that's too much extra work for us and we assume you've just watched it anyway so you should already know.

Sound like a plan to everyone? Wonderful. Then let us begin.


Caroline (8:44:55 PM): get excited
Mae (8:45:07 PM): i'm way past excited
Caroline (8:45:33 PM): i'm sorta upset that jate's spending so much time apart now
Caroline (8:45:42 PM): seriously all they've had together this season is the glass-hands
Mae (8:46:03 PM): well that just means that we're owed some major fluff by season's end
Mae (8:46:25 PM): kind of like jabrams keeping syd & vaughn apart all of season five.
Caroline (8:46:30 PM): true true
Caroline (8:46:36 PM): you know what bothers me about that?
Caroline (8:46:48 PM): that was the first time that sydney kept a secret from the audience. and i don't like that.
Mae (8:47:24 PM): yeah i know.
Mae (8:47:41 PM): but us smart folk knew the secret without being told, anyway
Caroline (8:47:47 PM): still
Mae (8:49:05 PM): i understand. it went against the jabrams way of doing things.
Mae (8:49:34 PM): not totally surprising considering that jabrams wasn't, like, around for that season AT ALL.
Caroline (8:50:03 PM): he was my absent husband!
Mae (8:50:30 PM): season five was probably the best example of that ever, yes.
Mae (8:51:33 PM): i love how kate watches sympathetically as alex says goodbye to her brainwashed boyfriend... like she totally understands and feels the pain of leaving a true love behind on the bad island to run off to the good one.
Caroline (8:51:44 PM): oh! prediction
Caroline (8:52:03 PM): jack ends up in the chair
Mae (8:52:20 PM): oh! good call!
Mae (8:52:46 PM): did you catch like i did that the brainwashing technique is OMGLIKESOTHESAME as when they tried to turn syd into julia?
Caroline (8:55:29 PM): umm yeah
Mae (8:57:57 PM): okay. and i was laughing so hard at the drs. shepard and burke "coincidence"
Caroline (8:59:00 PM): i know, right?
Caroline (8:59:14 PM): did i tell you that or did you figure it out on your own? (not that it was that difficult to be like, wtf, abc?)
Mae (8:59:30 PM): as soon as they called her "dr. burke" last week, i laughed
Mae (9:00:07 PM): and an all-new episode of lost starts RIGHT NOW.
Caroline (9:00:19 PM): :-)
Caroline (9:00:28 PM): i love desmond in the big tshirt
Mae (9:00:40 PM): big tye-dye shirt, no less
Caroline (9:00:54 PM): i bet he has a cute butt. just sayin'
Mae (9:01:01 PM): i can agree with that.
Caroline (9:01:07 PM): i love that they brought on rodrigo santoro, but i swoon for desmond
Mae (9:01:31 PM): invading sawyer's space! score!
Caroline (9:01:45 PM): YES!
Caroline (9:01:59 PM): of course sawyer has porn
Caroline (9:02:01 PM): he had to
Mae (9:02:06 PM): and all the alcohol
Caroline (9:02:36 PM): "the island killed him" hee
Mae (9:02:59 PM): ha! i love charlie. so unable to suspend disbelief.
Mae (9:03:07 PM): run, desmond! RUN!
Caroline (9:03:21 PM): YES! strip strip strip
Caroline (9:03:30 PM): i love those take your clothes off and dive into the water
Caroline (9:03:41 PM): a la jack, sawyer, sayid in the finale from last year
Mae (9:03:45 PM): uh. oh.
Mae (9:03:52 PM): claire. oh no.
Caroline (9:03:52 PM): did you not just see the promo?
Mae (9:03:59 PM): no i don't always pay attention, lol
Caroline (9:04:10 PM): it's lost. you have to pay attention.
Mae (9:04:12 PM): i have serious ADD when it's not actual TV time.
Caroline (9:04:24 PM): i really want to see a charlie/claire wedding
Mae (9:04:29 PM): meeeee too.
Caroline (9:04:32 PM): beat on her chest! that always works
Mae (9:04:54 PM): desmond is el psychic-o.
Caroline (9:04:57 PM): honestly---desmond's premonitions are probably a pretty nice thing to have around
Mae (9:05:06 PM): fuck yes they are.
Mae (9:05:29 PM): "everyone hide! the black smoke is coming in three hours!"
Caroline (9:05:47 PM): "run! the others!"
Caroline (9:08:18 PM): how come claire suddenly has bangs?
Mae (9:08:38 PM): same reason none of the men have massive beards yet.
Caroline (9:08:52 PM): seriously
Caroline (9:08:57 PM): jealous charlie
Mae (9:09:31 PM): yay!
Caroline (9:09:37 PM): drinking!
Mae (9:09:42 PM): i like the idea of getting people really bloody drunk
Caroline (9:09:56 PM): OHH penny's in this episode
Caroline (9:10:07 PM): i love her
Mae (9:10:14 PM): good! i've missed her since last year.
Mae (9:11:18 PM): YES! drunken singing! LOVE!
Mae (9:11:27 PM): hahahahahahahahaha!
Caroline (9:11:34 PM): charlie! love!
Mae (9:13:10 PM): fight! FIGHT!
Caroline (9:13:18 PM): drunk fighting
Caroline (9:13:21 PM): classy
Caroline (9:13:24 PM): "duuuuude"
Caroline (9:13:43 PM): maybe he shoulda gotten the key before he set off the thing
Mae (9:14:03 PM): charlie may not need to know what happened to desmond, but i sure as hell want to know
Caroline (9:14:24 PM): flashedy
Caroline (9:14:37 PM): PENNY!
Mae (9:14:45 PM): i looooooove penny!
Caroline (9:15:13 PM): do you think this is a flash-forrrrrward?
Mae (9:15:21 PM): it's a flash-confusing.
Caroline (9:15:29 PM): wouldn't that be fucking amazing?
Mae (9:16:07 PM): like the turn-key sent him home. and then he ended up back on the island. or everything about the island was his unconscious dream when he fell off the ladder.
Caroline (9:17:00 PM): that'd make the rest of the show pointless
Mae (9:17:30 PM): unfortunately, they wouldn't be the first show to do it though.
Caroline (9:17:53 PM): damon: "a flashback device employed 'in a way we never have before and never will again"
Caroline (9:18:06 PM): "it'll either blow people's minds or chase them away for good"
Caroline (9:18:11 PM): i really want this to be a flash-forward
Mae (9:18:16 PM): there was a time when i seriously thought jabrams would cop-out with alias and make everything after S2 be a dream.
Caroline (9:18:26 PM): your "through the looking glass" theory
Mae (9:18:49 PM): yes. which i didn't stick with, but still the man was obsessed with alice in wonderland regardless
Caroline (9:18:52 PM): 108!
Caroline (9:19:10 PM): i love tie-tying
Mae (9:19:17 PM): hahaha "building a mystery" playing in the background
Mae (9:19:18 PM): niiiiiice
Caroline (9:20:04 PM): wtf
Caroline (9:20:25 PM): i'm so lost
Caroline (9:20:27 PM): bwahahaha "lost"
Caroline (9:20:57 PM): 815
Caroline (9:21:15 PM): that was the first time i realized 4 8 15 had 815 in it
Caroline (9:21:45 PM): SO CONFUSED. definitely a flashback
Mae (9:24:55 PM): i... wonderwall!
Mae (9:24:58 PM): love this song.
Caroline (9:25:01 PM): charrrrrrlie!
Caroline (9:25:07 PM): freeeakyy
Mae (9:25:09 PM): charlie in a desmond flachback!
Mae (9:25:16 PM): dude. he remembers. i'm so lost.
Caroline (9:25:24 PM): i know i'm so freaked out
Caroline (9:25:38 PM): hieronymus
Mae (9:25:42 PM): what. theeeee fuck. is going on.
Caroline (9:25:59 PM): has he always had this ability?
Mae (9:26:04 PM): "this is why we don't do drugs" LMAO
Caroline (9:26:06 PM): "this is why we don't do drugs"
Caroline (9:26:07 PM): :-)
Mae (9:26:26 PM): yeah looks like maybe he "dreamed" life on the island before he was ever there?
Mae (9:26:40 PM): because otherwise, i have no idea what's going on.
Caroline (9:26:53 PM): i was so looking forward to a happy flash-forward
Caroline (9:26:58 PM): like west wing did in season seven
Mae (9:27:06 PM): awww, yeah. that was good.
Mae (9:27:33 PM): all this is well and good but i'd like to get back to kate, please.
Caroline (9:28:08 PM): says the girl who last ep was bitching about how we haven't seen the rest of the losties in like five episodes
Mae (9:28:27 PM): not "the rest of the losties"... just michael and walt.
Mae (9:28:35 PM): they're the only ones i want to know what the hell is going on with.
Caroline (9:29:41 PM): seriously? i hope those fuckers died at sea
Mae (9:29:47 PM): LOL i don't "care about what happened" to them because i care about THEM, i'm just intrigued about where the fuck they went
Mae (9:30:15 PM): plus, it's a double-edged sword because when i get lots of screen time on my OTP and they're being kept apart, i get frustrated and want to see something else. but then i see something else and miss my OTP, even if i do only get to see them apart.
Caroline (9:30:59 PM): that was one of sydney's contacts, dude
Caroline (9:31:06 PM): i think that's the guy from kashmere
Mae (9:31:08 PM): it so totally effing was
Caroline (9:32:08 PM): MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mae (9:32:17 PM): MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!
Caroline (9:32:18 PM): only my favorite song EVER
Mae (9:32:51 PM): dude, des is freaking me out.
Caroline (9:33:00 PM): i don't understand
Caroline (9:33:04 PM): like i really don't follow
Mae (9:33:09 PM): alternate universe?
Caroline (9:33:12 PM):
Mae (9:33:21 PM): LMAO i was just looking up the same exact thing
Mae (9:34:20 PM): yup, he was the contact that got killed by the baddies when syd, spydaddy and spymommy went to kashmir.
Caroline (9:34:26 PM): yep
Mae (9:34:28 PM): and he was on heroes, which i also remember.
Caroline (9:34:44 PM): shirtless des=great
Mae (9:35:14 PM): you know what else? WTF with the finale last year and penny getting a phone call that they "found him"?
Caroline (9:35:28 PM): dude where have you been for the last six months?
Caroline (9:35:30 PM): RINGS
Caroline (9:35:35 PM): i am so in love with engagement rings
Caroline (9:35:51 PM): aren't most engagement ring shoppers first-timers?
Mae (9:36:22 PM): dude, lost took a fucking mid-season summer-long hiatus and i forgot just about EVERYTHING of importance from the first half of the season already, lol. so bear with me if i forgot simple shit.
Mae (9:36:42 PM): i can't stand when they go off the air for that long. it makes me stop caring and i forget about things.
Caroline (9:36:51 PM): WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???
Mae (9:36:52 PM): whaaaaaat is happening with the ring store lady?
Mae (9:37:07 PM): WHAT THE FUCK????
Mae (9:37:10 PM): I AM SO CONFUSED.
Caroline (9:37:20 PM): DITTO
Mae (9:37:33 PM): uuuuum. i'm sorry, WHAT???
Caroline (9:37:40 PM): crazy fucker
Caroline (9:37:55 PM): dude
Caroline (9:38:03 PM): i want tom the other's last name to be hobbes
Caroline (9:38:08 PM): this show is lacking a hobbes
Caroline (9:38:31 PM): damon wrote this episode
Mae (9:38:33 PM): in the words of erin dailey, originally spoken about another jabrams' show: "ow. i think i sprained something. IN MY BRAIN."
Caroline (9:39:51 PM): haha!
Caroline (9:41:47 PM): "do you like chestnuts?"
Caroline (9:41:49 PM): freak
Mae (9:42:09 PM): what is she, like his "ghost of christmas future"?
Mae (9:43:03 PM): whoa. crazyass shit.
Caroline (9:43:04 PM): FREAKY
Mae (9:43:53 PM): duuuuude. it's like the "final destination" movies. death will always come and find you, even if you escape it the first 3408957 times.
Caroline (9:44:17 PM): i am still so confused
Mae (9:44:23 PM): well, yeah. me too.
Mae (9:44:45 PM): who the hell is this crazy lady?
Caroline (9:45:15 PM): weiiiird
Caroline (9:45:52 PM): penny looks freakishly like ellen pompeo
Caroline (9:46:13 PM): THE PICTURE
Mae (9:46:31 PM): ah, and now he remembers again.
Caroline (9:46:39 PM): i want her to play med student sister lexi
Mae (9:46:48 PM): yeah! and at some point?
Mae (9:47:23 PM): we need to discuss how soon thatch had more kids because if lexi is in med school and baby laura's mom is only 22?
Mae (9:47:25 PM): good god.
Caroline (9:48:18 PM): oof coward--charlie said that earlier
Caroline (9:48:56 PM): dude, you should know already to suspend belief on the timeline of grey's
Mae (9:49:24 PM): it's been a long time since an episode of lost had me this effing confused
Caroline (9:49:41 PM): i know, right?
Caroline (9:50:06 PM): "grey's shocker! meredith dead?" -tvguide
Caroline: ridiculous
Mae (9:50:25 PM): HA! LOVE!
Mae (9:50:38 PM): you know the cliffhanger this week will be her flatline.
Mae (9:51:06 PM): and everyone and their grandma's dog will spend the next week spazzing about her actually dying. and i will laugh.
Caroline (9:51:57 PM): commercial. speak of the devil....
Mae (9:52:59 PM): hee! i love deja vu. it freaks the fuck out of me when it happens.
Mae (9:53:03 PM): yay my song!
Caroline (9:53:07 PM): i know, right?
Mae (9:53:26 PM): maaaaaake your own kind of muuuuuuusic!
Caroline (9:53:31 PM): sing your own special song!
Mae (9:53:37 PM): oops.
Mae (9:53:46 PM): desmond got a boo-boo on the head.
Caroline (9:54:19 PM): that made abso-fucking-lutely no sense
Mae (9:54:20 PM): christ, that man is in good shape.
Caroline (9:54:54 PM): yeah that would suck
Caroline (9:55:52 PM): oh noooo
Caroline (9:55:55 PM): claire
Mae (9:56:30 PM): LOL hurley. love.
Caroline (9:56:40 PM): uff claire
Mae (9:56:49 PM): yeah pretty much.
Caroline (9:56:53 PM): "you're a good man, charlie"
Caroline (9:56:54 PM): BROWN
Mae (9:57:02 PM): HAHAHA!
Mae (9:58:04 PM): he was saving charlie, right? ooooh, i KNEW IT.
Caroline (9:58:04 PM): "i was saving you"
Caroline (9:58:22 PM): ook
Caroline (9:58:38 PM): no charlie!!
Mae (9:58:42 PM): dude. charlie is next, according to des' theory from the crazy lady.
Mae (9:58:47 PM): i will go apeshit if they off charlie.
Caroline (9:58:52 PM): agreeeeed
Caroline (9:59:00 PM): course-correcting?
Caroline (9:59:06 PM): "you're next"
Caroline (9:59:18 PM): damn. i thought i had the line
Mae (9:59:27 PM): yay! let's talk about the tattoo!
Mae (9:59:33 PM): i love foxy's tattoo.
Caroline (9:59:52 PM): "we're here to watch"
Mae (10:00:04 PM): jack's in some bad shit.
Caroline (10:00:05 PM): title of our blog
Caroline (10:00:13 PM): i'm telling you---jack in the chair
Mae (10:00:15 PM): fuck yeah.
Mae (10:00:23 PM): i'm totally behind you on that call.
Mae (10:01:03 PM): so. um. anyway...? still confused.
Caroline (10:01:29 PM): yeah i don't get it
Mae (10:05:13 PM): i swear to jabrams, i will teach him the definition of "bitchcakes" if they kill charlie
Caroline (10:06:17 PM): "you know how many pieces of gum beth chewed this year?" "750" "one"
Mae (10:06:40 PM): beth was right, too. "bitchcakes" totally did catch on and sweep the nation.
Caroline (10:07:22 PM): umm maybe the maura tierney fangirl nation
Mae (10:07:33 PM): same difference.
Mae (10:08:29 PM): is there actually a world that *isn't* maura tierney fangirls?
Caroline (10:08:35 PM): haha
Caroline (10:14:31 PM): i love her
Caroline (10:14:35 PM): she is my favorite
Mae (10:16:42 PM): she's fucking brilliant.
Caroline (10:16:49 PM): and so funny
Mae (10:24:38 PM): what do you think they'll have jack's tattoo mean?
Caroline (10:24:51 PM): i dunno, but did you see the TWOP discussion of it?
Mae (10:25:01 PM): noooooo?
Caroline (10:25:03 PM): they delved into some party of five stuff
Caroline (10:25:10 PM): hang on let me find it
Mae (10:25:31 PM): well yeah 'cause that's where it comes from realistically.
Caroline (10:25:40 PM): i know
Mae (10:25:41 PM): but the asian symbols, i wonder.
Caroline (10:25:42 PM): it was so funny
Mae (10:26:07 PM): people who aren't like us make me laugh when they try to figure out tv.
Caroline (10:27:02 PM):
Caroline (10:27:03 PM): why?
Mae (10:27:30 PM): why do they make me laugh?
Caroline (10:27:52 PM): or what do you mean?
Mae (10:28:18 PM): well, because they're the same people who will actually believe meredith is going to die. for real, dead and gone, die.
Caroline (10:28:30 PM): yes. stupids
Mae (10:28:42 PM): the type of people who don't comprehend the obvious rules of television.
Mae (10:29:44 PM): and LOL at the re-cap and reasoning for the tattoo
Mae (10:29:49 PM): very nice usage of the 5
Caroline (10:29:56 PM): i love the 5
Mae (10:30:17 PM): okay. i'm going to go translate this into our blog.
Caroline (10:30:22 PM): k. my battery is dying so i'm going to hibernate.
Caroline (10:30:27 PM): good chat.
Mae: (10:30:33): indeed it was. goodnight my dear.
Caroline: (10:30:47 PM): goodnight!

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