Thursday, February 8, 2007

LOST: Apparently college wasn't entirely useless

Don't you just love it when you say/wish for something in the heat of the moment and then it actually happens? It's one of the main reasons I'm so careful about what I say in my everyday life - I'm so freakishly paranoid about jinxing things by talking about them or saying anything that could somehow screw up the entire outcome. I took a class not long ago on the subject of General Semantics, and in GS academia this idea of jinxing is technically classified as "word magic." It's all the same, though: the idea that saying or thinking something could actually make it happen or change the course of the universe.

It may sound simplistic and boring, but that class actually taught me a lot. Most importantly, that I can learn some very serious lessons on GS from Star Wars, because "only a Sith deals in absolutes." Which actually strikes me as contradictory, because in saying "only a Sith...," Obi-Wan is himself speaking in absolutes. Without being a Sith. So that example doesn't really work. Maybe I should email my old professor and bring this flaw in his lesson example to his attention. Then again, maybe I'll just go watch the movie again and try to ignore that I ever took a class that will likely forever ruin my watching experience of said movie because now I can hardly ever do so without thinking of a semester's worth of lessons everytime I hear that line.

You're probably wondering what the hell my point is.

Tonight's Lost had a brilliant example of "word magic," and it automatically made me think about that class. I kind of wish I could just watch my shows and not unwittingly think about college classes of the past. Nonetheless, as soon as Juliet told that man that she wished Edmund would get hit by a bus... well, I immediately said to everyone around me "Now watch him get hit by a bus."

And without fail, the bus won. Honestly, the second they showed Ed walking out of the building and we got a view of the street as he stopped to talk to Jules, I did a quick scan of the background and yelled, "There's a bus! Here we go!" and within seconds he was getting up close and personal with his new friends: city bus and hot Miami asphalt. I won't pretend like I didn't jump off of the sofa and scream with happiness out of pure love for the fact that I was so totally right. And the fact that it was just plain awesome.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the company that was trying to recruit Juliet to do research for them was obviously The Dharma Initiative. Duh. That's how she and Ethan both started out in Miami and yet somehow ended up on the disappearing island of JAbrams' overactive imagination. So, for all intents and purposes, at least a handful of The Others are actually the people that run/operate all this Dharma shit and what goes on in the hatches. They're clearly not just creepy cult people with convenient access to the latest fashion styles from J Crew and American Eagle. They know exactly where they are - at least relatively speaking - and most of them surely chose out of free will to be there. The other half of them are probably test subjects and other victims washed up on the island that were eventually subjected to the same UNNECESSARILY LOUD brainwashing proceedure that Alex's boyfriend was being put through.

I get that they're trying to overload the brain, but could they not have picked some better music? Anything would have been better than the over-bassed thumpings of an underground high school rave with too much Ex and not enough clothing. Try some Joni Mitchell. Or some Dylan, perhaps. He seemed to do the influential brainwashing trick back in his day. Not that I don't love me some Dylan. I'm just saying... I don't remember The Covenant using any annoying techno blasting out the speakers while they tried to brainwash Sydney Bristow in very much the same way.

And now that I make that connection, it really shouldn't be that shocking that 2 shows created and helmed by JAbrams would use the same exact brainwashing technique. Oh, JAbrams. I adore you, but sometimes your work is so easy to pinpoint.

On another note, I love me some Jate. If you don't love the Jate and prefer to live your life around the laughable fantasy of Skate, then I suppose you can just stop reading and go back to smoking your ganja and wearing your incredibly rose-colored SCUBA goggles. Because I assume those would be a lot more entertaining to wear than glasses when you're high.

Damon Lindelof said it himself. Jack is the guy she should be with. According to Damon, who is - ya know - in charge of what happens to these characters, Kate truly loves Jack. Her thing with Sawyer is simply that she's drawn to him for some unknown reason.

But yeah, sure... Skate's totally going to be OTP 4 EVA. I'm smiling and nodding for your benefit, little ones.

Seeing how hard it was for Kate to leave Jack behind and the emotions that overtook her when she relived that first day with Jack on the island... well, that was pretty awesome but the coolest part was the look on Sawyer's face in the background as he realized he's not even close to winning that girl for a lifetime of love a la Swiss Family Robinson.

Next week, all Kate can think about is going back into the danger zone (I just started singing that song from Top Gun in my head as soon as I typed that.) to find Jack and bring him home with her. Home *to* her. I'm not saying that Jate will become a canon reality in the next 16 episodes, but I am saying that Skate isn't going to be a canon reality at all during that time either. I think it's more a matter of Jack getting past what he saw her doing in the cage with Sawyer, and her finally accepting that a fear of loving Jack = fear of commitment, which is why she ran from him after their kiss. Because Kate runs from anything seemingly good and committed, as Lindelof and Cuse also happily pointed out.

Connect the dots. La la la la. Connect the dots.

If you never watched or are too young to remember Pee Wee's Playhouse, then that last bit holds no meaning for you at all outside of the calling to recognize the obvious. But whatever.

And for the record, Caroline has concluded that J8 is like F1 beacause F1 is the button that brightens her world - her Mac screen world, at least. F1 happens to be the button that *darkens* my own Mac world. And J8 most certainly does not darken anything for me.

So as far as I'm concerned, J8 is F2.

And I still want to effing know what happened to Michael and Walt.

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