Friday, February 16, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Terror in the Exam Room of Sex and Death

Grey’s was incredible last night.

Partly because my roommate Lily and I decided to finish off the two bottles of wine we had left over from Valentine’s Day, leading me to have an utterly sloshed Grey’s experience. It really was quite fun. We are making it a weekly experience.

You should know by now that I love spoilers. (Hell, I devoted an entire column to my obsession.) So I knew, thanks to Michael Ausiello, Kristin Vietch, and just about every spoiler source this side of Shonda Rhimes, that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was coming back in some capacity. I knew that. I just assumed that his appearance would be A) trite, predictable, and probably unnecessary and B) Izzie-related. So for him to show up there in an original, surprising, and terrifyingly-Meredith-related was a wonderfully welcome surprise.

Seeing Dylan Young (Bomb Squad Guy) was thoroughly freaky, and provided a really great capper to an ending we thought was a forgone conclusion—Meredith flatlining.

While I’m sure it was truly backbreaking work for Ellen Pompeo to spend her workweek being carted around by her castmates and lying prone on a gurney, the real acting props for this episode belong to Patrick Dempsey. His facial expressions were unparalleled, even by previous McDreamy faces. We, again, called that the Knight in Shining Whatever would pull her out of the water, but it was so touching to see him so lost without Meredith. Desperately giving her CPR in the ambulance, touching her forehead softly as his peers forced him out of the exam room (same one they did the dirty in?), slouched so sadly in the hallway. I loved that he tried to look inside every time the door swung open.

There was additionally some really great Izzie (“rock star!”), some really great was a lovely ensemble episode: Bailey, the Chief, Addison, Burke, even Mark offering support to Derek.

Predictions? Well, we’ve been hearing there’s another death (not Meredith) next week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ellis Grey. Why would they still have her in the hospital if her stay was to be overshadowed by this massive trauma? They wouldn’t. If she was going to be fine, they would have sent her back to the nursing home already to recuperate and then bring her back for more Ellis drama later. She’s been casually mentioned in the last two episodes, but has appeared only through the doorway. She’ll appear to Meredith in the Exam Room of Sex and Death and bring closure to their relationship, and perhaps give Meredith the push she needs to be alive. [Mae: “That's the point of her limbo. To CHOOSE to live, considering how much she's been all depression and suicide lately.”]

I also think it’s about time we get a Derek/Meredith “I love you” that isn’t prefaced by some form of “pick me choose me.” I really can’t wait to see what happens when she wakes up and her Knight in Shining Whatever is sitting tearfully at her bedside.

I’ve also decided to try again to go off spoilers. As much as I love being an informant to my friends, this week’s episode was so much better since I wasn’t at all expecting that final moment. Props to the Grey’s crew for keeping Kyle Chandler’s appearance completely under wraps—I was shocked.

Anyway, we’ll see how long that lasts.

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