Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: The Interns and I Explore Our Areas of Expertise (Ooh! Dirty!)

At some point, we’re going to need to diversify our blogs, but for now, I’ll continue to discuss the topic on my mind: Grey’s Anatomy.

This season finale I anticipate, in addition to Addison’s departure, decisions on specialties for our favorite interns. In real-world time, it’s been two-and-a-half years since we were introduced to Meredith and her anatomy, but in Grey’s time, less than a year has passed. (I have recently stopped trying to grasp the concept of the Grey’s timeline, as that pursuit has proven to be pretty much futile this season.)

Let’s start with the easiest: Alex Karev will choose obstetric surgery. This is being pretty much shoved down our throats, so if you haven’t come to the same conclusion, you probably haven’t been following the Addisex storyline since, I don’t know, October, maybe.

I like this choice; I think it will provide a lot of good story for Alex. Plus, Shonda had better figure out a way to keep the babies on the show after Addison leaves. This seems as good a way as any.

George, I think, will follow Bailey into General Surgery. Those two have the greatest dynamic, and it will be interesting to see George gain on her as they move into more equal footing in the years to come.

I had pretty much pegged Izzie as Cardio (because of Denny), but after her little exercise in skull-drilling, I wouldn’t be surprised if she went Neuro instead. This would be a good move for her, and it would be a nice gesture for the lingerie model to turn into a bonafide brain surgeon.

Cristina seems like she’s heading toward Cardio, but I really hate this choice for her, for the same reason that I would despise Meredith choosing Neuro. I don’t want to see Burktina doing side-by-side surgeries anymore. It has become pretty clear to me that Cristina does get favorable treatment from Burke, and I’d rather see her in a field where she might be a little out of her league at times. Remember when she spent the day with Chief Webber performing microscopic procedures in the classroom? I’d rather see Dr. Yang follow this path to Microsurgery, where she would be taking on complex surgeries that nobody else could even attempt. Cristina has more to learn, and she shouldn’t be learning from Burke anymore.

And as for Meredith? I told Mae a few weeks ago (when I was originally compiling this list) that I thought the show needed a pediatric surgeon. They haven’t had one yet, and kids are always good to have around whenever you need an OTP to realize they’re ready to have a baby, to realize they’re not ready to have a baby, or that, oh shit, Patrick Dempsey just looks really cute when he’s talking baby talk.

This may seem out of left field, but Meredith has actually dealt with several children over the course of the season, perhaps most notably in the first season when she enlisted Dr. Burke after seeing a baby turning blue. (Her very first patient ever was a teenage girl.)

I mentioned to Mae that in order for Meredith’s choice to make sense, however, that there would need to be a little kid who changed her philosophy on medicine and ultimately led to a decision that would affect the rest of her career.

Enter Little Blonde Non-Speaking Girl, who essentially saved Meredith’s life with her little finger point. Meredith was really sweet to her pre-submersion, and even though she probably needs more cute little kids to push her in the direction of pedes, I really hope Meredith chooses that specialty.

No matter how it turns out, I’m excited to see the interns move away from each other in the hospital and move into their own spheres. It will open the door for new patient opportunities and more chances to see the newly-minted residents develop as doctors and as the people we know and love.

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