Sunday, February 18, 2007

GREY'S ANATOMY: Lost In His McDreamy Eyes

First thing's first, I need to laugh very quickly about how things went down on the last episode. What I find so hilarious is that, as usual, Caroline and I predicted it all nearly prophetically but were outwitted simply because we never actually believed that the simplest possibility would be the biggest issue. I don't know how many times we said to one another in casual Grey's conversations that "the water is too damn cold, and if they don't pull her out immediately she's going to freeze to death." But we never focused on the temperature of the water as a major enemy, because we just thought that was going to be the least of Meredith's problems. It seemed too easy for it to be that cut and dry. Apparently we fangirls over-analyze things from time to time. Who would have ever thought that would happen?

Anyway, on to the real purpose of today's blog.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out or understand why Patrick Dempsey was out of work for so long between the end of the 80s and Sweet Home Alabama. If I were a producer or a casting director, I would have been tripping all over myself to get him onto every project I had in the works. And this need to have him in the credits would not be because of his McDreamy good looks - although they are indeed McDreamy - but moreso because of the man's pure emotional talent.

I used to tell my friends that the thing that set Derek Shepherd apart from other TV heartthrobs was the way in which he looked at people; particularly Meredith. Any time there was an emotional scene, whether it be joy or sadness or heartbreak or love, the man would just bleed it from his eyeballs. There were times when Vartan would make me swoon simply because he was such a good gazer when it came to looking at Sydney with such love and passion, and that's exactly what Dempsey is doing with how Derek gazes at Meredith. But Derek does more than gaze. And Patrick Dempsey does more than act.

The mark of a memorable and noteworthy actor is when you can watch them time after time and get quite literally lost in their emotions because you simply forget that it's all just acting. I watch Dempsey's scenes week after week and it seems like there's always at least one moment when he's able to show the depth of his talent. I always wonder what he's thinking about in his mind to be able to make the real emotions come shooting out of his eyes like laser beams, and when it comes to the crying scenes I would guess that it must be exhausting to think about whatever he has to think about in order to cry as believably well as he always does.

When he finally pulled Meredith out of the water and spent the rest of the episode distraught and terrified, I have to say that I have never loved him more. However, I'm sure that the next episode will only prove to greatly surpass how much I currently love the man already.

It was pretty much impossible to not feel what Derek was feeling as he was pumping her chest and rattling off orders in the trauma room... and then sitting helplessly in the hallway fighting back tears as much as he could manage. Maybe it was just me (well, me and Caroline), but I had to stop and remind myself that it was just a show and it was all only bits of incredible acting - no one was actually suffering and no one's heart was actually breaking. Patrick made it all so real, though, that it was hard to not get lost in his emotions. I have such great respect for actors that can pull off emotion in that way, and in my opinion there aren't very many of them.

Jennifer Garner was always a master when it came to the crying. I've been screaming at the academy to give Maura Tierney her more-than-well-deserved Emmy for more years than I can count now. And as I said, Patrick Demspey can say so much with just the look in his eyes.

I'm willing to bet what little money I currently have that by the time the Emmy Awards roll around again next year, Dempsey will be honored and awarded for his work in this three-episode arc. I can only imagine that this coming week's arc finale will be his best work yet. And if he doesn't win an Emmy for it, then I'll have to write even more letters to the academy on top of my "Stop Shunning Maura" hate mail that they already receive year after year.

Because, c'mon. How can you not stand up and recognize the wonderfulness that is Dempsey lately?

And as far as predictions go for the arc finale, I can say that there are two possibilities for how Meredith's heart will finally start beating again. 1) All of the doctors have given up and are seconds away from calling time of death when Cristina or Derek (at least one of whom will have invaded the trauma room by then) will punch her in the chest - the classic last chance effort brought about by emotion and frustration, which always seems to work, or 2) All of the doctors will have given up and are about to call time of death; they are standing around silently in shock when suddenly the heart monitor just starts beeping again. On it's own. Miraculously.

Because, ya know, the episode is called "Some Kind of Miracle." And don't tell me nothing like that ever happens. I saw it on ER once, so it's a valid possibility.

Now, I would be surprised if she got her heart rate back up and suddenly was awake and fine. To me, that's somewhat miraculous but not enough to be a major arc-ender. My theory is that they'll be able to stabalize her heartbeat but she'll remain in a coma for the rest of the episode as we switch back and forth between Derek & the interns in their grief and Meredith hanging out with Dylan & Denny in limbo. At episode's end, Meredith will have chosen life and she'll wake up in her hospital room where I'm willing to bet good money that Derek is standing/sitting by her bedside either asleep or holding her hand. Or both.

Also? Caroline is correct in her opinion that Ellis Grey will be the one to actually die. I don't know that for a fact, since spoilers don't say a thing about that, but I agree with my esteemed colleague on that theory. I also think it would be really cool if Ellis appeared in limbo with Meredith, thus helping to guide her choices and also allowing Meredith to know that her mother has died so that no one has to really break the news to her once she wakes up. If that doesn't happen, then I really love the idea of it being a "death gives birth to new life" story in the way that as Ellis is flatlining and dying, Meredith is finally waking up. At the same exact time.

There are so many ideas and comments swirling around in my head about this show right now, but I think I've actually covered everything I wanted to say that Caroline hasn't already put in her previous blog. Nevertheless, my excitement and anticipation of this next episode is so "code red" high that I'm the crazy fangirl who actually requested to have this coming Thursday off of work so that I could be home to watch it live. That means that the episode better live up to all of my expectations and then some, otherwise Shonda Rhimes is going to owe me one full shift's worth of pay.

2 Responses to “GREY'S ANATOMY: Lost In His McDreamy Eyes”

Anonymous said...

I just want Meredith to die. Seriously. Couldn't it be called Cold, Dead and Grey Anatomy instead? Because I hate her.
Dempsey's talent is wasted because of his scenes with Ellen.
I agree with you on Maura though. It's almost as though somebody is specifically depriving her of an Emmy out spite.

Anonymous said...

Damn... I cant believe how well you guys predicted that episode!