Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Don't You Remember Joey?

Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that ABC execs are pursuing a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy starring Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery.  Though the story remained unconfirmed throughout the day, ABC has now released information confirming the move.
The motives behind such action is understandable: money.  If you can strike gold again, you've got yourself millions of advertising dollars without having to go through the pilot/development process.  Spinoffs are attractive, and, let's face it, anyone who watches Grey's will be tuning it for *at least* the first episode.
That said, I still don't understand why ABC, Shonda Rhimes, and Kate Walsh would go for this.  Grey's Anatomy is an ensemble show (that consistently wins awards because of the cast's chemistry), and, like Chicago Tribune columnist Maureen Ryan pointed out, it would be a shot in the dark to attempt to recreate such magic.
Call me a cynic, but I think it's pretty much impossible.
So I suppose we should be expecting Addison to start tying her loose ends in Seattle, a prospect that makes me terribly unhappy, seeing as I love her to pieces and hate to see her go.  Walsh and Addison add so much to the show--humanity, wit, balls, and, the clincher, babies.
How will Addison make her exit? I assume she'll be moving back to New York, finally allowing Derek to have "Seattle and to never see [her] again." (Although by the looks of the spoiler clips, looks like McDreamy might not be so Addison-averse after she helps him cope with Meredith's trauma.) What troubles me is--won't McSteamy follow her? With Addison gone, there's no reason for him to stay, since the only reason he showed up in Seattle was to bring her home, anyway. Mission accomplished, no?

Well, as soon as you start forming the Seattle team and the New York team, you're splintering your ensemble and, even though there might be enough of them to go around, making the cast less strong.

Why would you want to do that three weeks after winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Drama Ensemble? Why would you want to mess with a formula that clearly works?

Why, Shonda, why?

Plus, when's the last spinoff you can remember that actually worked? All I'm coming up with is Frasier. I'm not counting Party of Five spinoff Time of Your Life, as much as I loved it. (Try and play Six Degrees of JJ Abrams with that one, in two directions.)

I suppose if the spinoff tanks, Kate Walsh can come back to Grey's with her tail between her legs and they can pretend like she had a little panic attack, freaked out and moved, and has now returned to her rightful place in Seattle.

I'm really going to miss Addison around Seattle Grace. I *hated* her when she first showed up, but she's now one of my favorite characters. (And she definitely has the best clothes.) Hopefully the transition will be seamless; one can only hope that it will be as genius as Grey's is. I will be waiting with bated breath for its May premiere, and for future crossovers to follow.

I'm not giving up on Addison!Babysave 2008 by a long shot.

And, for the record, Time of Your Life - Jennifer Garner - Alias - JJ - Lost - Matthew Fox - Party of Five - Time of Your Life.

2 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy: Don't You Remember Joey?”

Anonymous said...

Addison would not be going back to New York. The Show will be set in LA. That was where she went to escape.

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