Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: ...And a Room Overlooking the River Where I Can Paint

Let’s face it, Grey’s Anatomy is going to end with Derek and Meredith happily-ever-after in some form or another. I, of course, have some very specific ideas in mind, though I ultimately just want to see them content and together.

Derek has a lot of land. Pretty soon, Shonda needs to move him out of the Airstream and have him start building his mansion on a hill overlooking his lake. I see it as a big southern plantation-style home with white clapboard and big blue shutters—think the house Noah builds in The Notebook. As the project evolves, Meredith becomes more and more involved, and begins to contribute. Perhaps she picks out paint colors and chooses the furniture for the master bedroom. Maybe there’s a little angst when she assumes the room off of the master bedroom is Derek’s home office, but he has different, more long-term plans for the space.

This creates many intriguing possibilities, not the least of which is McDreamy working on the house in the misty Seattle morning. Shirtless.

It also opens the door (metaphor, anyone?) to important Derek/Meredith discussions, including Derek’s different, more long-term plans for the room off the master bedroom. Once the house is finished, should she move in? What of Ellis’s house? (Prediction: Meredith sells it to George and Callie for a sonnet so they can start their family.)

The man needs a project, stat. He needs something to concentrate other than his own insecurities and the inadequacies of his relationship with Meredith. (She’s not perfect? Go figure. Get over it.) And, honestly, it’s about time he moves out of the trailer. No grown man—especially not a neurosurgeon—needs to be living deliberately in the woods. Build yourself a dream house, Derek Shepherd. You can still set up your manly-man trailer in your backyard and sleep in it when you fight with Meredith. Your kids can play in it. (My great-aunt had an Airstream that she set up at our family farm, and holy crap that was fun. My cousins and I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ate them in the trailer. It was great.) You can still catch trout and fry it up for breakfast, except you could have a state-of-the-art kitchen in which to cook it.

And then you wouldn’t smell like trout all day. That’s a plus.

Ultimately, once Derek and Meredith are on the same page about the spare bedroom, there’s one inevitable conclusion to their story and to the Derek/Addison story. Derek and Meredith’s inevitable eventual baby will be born premature or with a rare baby problem. Perhaps it will be like the show I saw on the Discovery Health Channel called “Baby No Skin.” (No shit, that’s really what it was called.) And so of course, the only person who can fix her is the ex-Doctor Montgomery-Shepherd.

Baby Girl Shepherd brings not only the angst that my esteemed colleague so desperately craves, but also an absolution for the crumbling of the Addek marriage. Addison finally puts aside her snide comments (like last week’s likening of Meredith to “the perfect twelve-year-old”) to do the right thing and save their little girl. And in a moment of supreme sweetness, she’ll place the healthified baby into Derek’s waiting arms. He kisses her cheek, says, “Thank you, Addie,” and turns his attention to his new baby daughter. Addie smiles, touches Baby Kate’s cheek (yes, I named her), and says, “My pleasure.” She leaves the happy daddy and daughter to themselves, stands in the doorway, and wipes a single tear from her eye before smiling at the little family and leaving the nursery.

And I will do a happy dance, which involves balling my fists and shaking them uncontrollably while I hop repeatedly from one foot to the other (or just shake my legs if I am already sitting down), squeezing my eyes closed and whipping my face around in delight, all the while smiling like a maniac and squeeing.

Wow, that sounds suspiciously like a seizure.

Look out in the coming days for several pages of reasons why Baby Grey-Shepherd is a girl.

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