Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Case for a Kurt and Finn Hook-up

In this post I am going to talk about Glee, and why I think a Kurt/Finn romance would be the best “New Direction” to take the show in next season. I’m just full of crackpot ships these days! It’s only going to be a short little post so I hope everyone will take the time to read and consider my points. :)


There are a number of stock storylines that pretty much all TV shows use at some point or another to “shock” the audience or blow life into a boring plot. Death, pregnancy, hookups, breakups and the gay revelation are some of the most common ones; they’re so common, in fact, that they’re more expected elements in a narrative than they are surprising.

Under the gay storyline category, there are two main subcategories: the character-turns-from-straight-to-gay-and-never-looks-back route ala Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the more soapy gay-affair route where a straight character has a same-sex encounter (usually done to boost ratings) before returning to their original love interest, as demonstrated by Marissa in The OC and most recently Adrianna in 90210. The common theme here is that usually, the characters that turn gay are women. Male gay characters in TV shows are almost always gay when they are introduced, usually secure in their sexuality, and their love interests are always characters brought in solely for this purpose. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never seen a male, straight character in a TV show suddenly experience an unexpected attraction to another man, pursue this attraction, and then go back to dating girls. Bisexuality is for whatever reason much more accepted with girls on TV, just as it’s more accepted for girls to wear trousers than men to wear skirts in real life – there’s probably a reason why this is the case; maybe the writers don’t want to risk demasculinizing the male characters or alienate the male viewers who identify with them. Women who sleep with women are empowered; men who sleep with men are less masculine than men who sleep with women – it’s a cruel, outdated stereotype, but it still seems to affect TV narratives. It’s one of those irksome things like black characters dating other black characters by default, with very few shows managing unobtrusive race-blindedness as it should be.

(Note: Torchwood is of course the obvious exception to this rule; I also don't take it into account because I think in general, Britain is far less excited by representations of sexuality, it's just not a big deal over here whereas in America it seems like every single diversion from "conventional" sexuality in the media is considered a political statement.)

So here’s my proposal for the envelope-pushing, boundary-crossing Glee: let’s change the stereotypes, let’s break out of the TV norms, and allow the male lead to feel attraction to another guy – and show that this is okay. And after this, let’s have Finn return to Rachel (I do ship them), and still be as much of a man as he’s ever been. Let him be curious about Kurt, and let him act on this curiosity, and then decide to be with Rachel not because she’s a girl but because he likes her more. Let it be like him choosing between Rachel and Quinn, but a bit more political. If any show can do it, it’s Glee!

So why not? It would be the perfect plot line to reinvent the show for season 2, a perfect way to extend the Rachel/Finn will-they-won't-they suspense and to spice up the romance. It would be surprising and unexpected, and it would just be way more interesting than Finn hooking up with a random girl or Kurt with a random guy (as I'm sure he will sooner or later). I don't see any reason that Glee could not do this ship, and I might judge them a little for not pursuing it just because they've got a chance to really take a step forward and take a stand in the gay rights campaign, and because it's Glee, it would be cool. It would also give Finn some much-needed depth, and probably audience sympathy.

Plus, although the show would never ever get the rights to it, couldn't you just see the duet now: "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast. It would be EPIC.

What would you say to a Finn/Kurt hook-up? Yay or nay?

EDIT: Holy crap, I wrote the above before seeing the last episode - how much are they hammering home the Finn/Kurt ship?! The duet? Damn, they're so close to heading in the right direction! :) Major angst... awesome.

7 Responses to “The Case for a Kurt and Finn Hook-up”

I am totally behind this...if the writers and actors could actually pull it off. I have my doubts. This show has on the whole been pretty disappointing thus far.

lisa said...

I've never seen an episode of Glee, but every is raving about. I wonder what the big deal is...

I dont know if Finn could pull it off. I dont know if I could believe it.


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