Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House: Paging Dr. Kavorkian?

Last night, Dark posted five sneak peeks for next Monday's new episode of House, entitled "Here Kitty."

This was the fifth:

So, several things instantly went through my mind with this clip.

(1) Judy Greer. I love Judy Greer! When I see her (and especially when I hear her voice), I'm instantly nostalgic for 13 Going on 30 and the good old days of Jen Garner. I'm excited for this episode already, and it's just because of the fabulous Judy Greer.

(2) Chase! Chase interacting with a patient! Chase sitting by the patient's bedside and listening carefully - the way he always used to do before he ceased to have doctoring scenes anymore! Hooray!

(3) The look on his face in the very last milliseconds of this clip. He's conflicted somehow - tormented and tortured, almost, by what she's just said. But, why?

That last one is what my friend Michelle and I spent over an hour focusing on. Analysis and speculation and endless add-on questions were carried out in an attempt to decide what's up with Chase in this episode, and just why exactly he seems so affected by how Tom-Tom feels about life, death and the existence of reason in between.

And then, suddenly, it hit us.

Several months ago (I'm almost positive that it was during the red carpet for the Emmys), Jesse Spencer was asked about whether or not Chase would finally be getting more screen time this season. Jesse noted that he'd recently been told by producers that he (and, therein, Chase) would be getting an arc "later in the season."

What's of note, though: He also said that he heard this arc might involve a story about euthanasia.

Remembering this, Michelle and I both promptly slammed our heads onto our desks and repeated over and over, "Wow, we are so dumb."

Almost everyone (probably actually everyone) in the House fandom had brushed off Jesse's comment about euthanasia nearly the moment it left his mouth, because he has such a track record of - oh, ya know - lying when it comes to spoilers.

But he also has just as strong a record where leaking important, totally true spoilers are concerned. So the game is in trying to figure out when he's legit and when he's full of hot air. We assumed "euthanasia" was nothing more than hot air.

It appears as though we assumed wrong.

Prediction, here and now: Chase is going to be confronted with the decision of whether or not to help Judy/Tom-Tom end her already-doomed life. The cat slept beside her. She is legitimately sick. I figure House probably proved that the cat isn't actually prophesying death for those he sleeps beside, so Tom-Tom probably figures she'd rather just go ahead and die (as opposed to suffering a slow death or fighting to find a cure) if her sickness doesn't actually mean anything in terms of the cat's psychic power and a deeper meaning for all things that happen. I think this sneak peek may be her detailing to Chase that she wants to get it over with, and that she wants him to help.

Now, whether or not Chase actually follows in his girlfriend's footsteps and pulls a Kavorkian, I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards "no," because it's slightly overkill to do two euthanasia stories in three years and have both of them end with one of the ducklings crying in the chapel over having voluntarily killed another human being. I mean, really?

Plus, Cameron's torment came from the fact that she was completely opposed to euthanasia and had to fight her own beliefs in order to find the nerve to put her patient out of his misery. Chase, on the other hand, has always stated his non-issue with euthanasia - he's always said "every doctor does it" and made it clear that he'd not hesitate to do it, too. His torment, unlike Cameron's, will come from actually having to face the idea of doing it for the first time - for real - and realizing that maybe he's not as okay with the whole thing as he's always believed.

In translation: ANGST. My favorite thing in the world.

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