Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bones: Holy Double Entendre, Bones!

We don't yet know what the title of the season finale will be, but we here at Chaos in General have our minds in the gutter--we want something delightfully double-entendrish to correspond with the events of the finale.

Here are some of our suggestions:

A case involving electrocution: "The Fork in the Outlet."

A case involving golf: "The Ace in the Hole."

Leigh would like to see something a little less inappropriate: "The Change in the Heart" or "Shock to the Heart."

Mystic put it bluntly: "The Bone in Bones."

Do you have any inappropriate suggestions for finale titles?

ETA: From our friend, Carrie: "The Snake in the Bush."

ETA: From me: "The Lay of the Land."

ETA 03/27/09: My personal favorite, less euphemistic: "The Shot in the Dark."

ETA 04/05/09: From me and Leigh's combined efforts: "The Life on the Line."

3 Responses to “Bones: Holy Double Entendre, Bones!”

ForensicMama said...

LOL Snake in the Bush. Oh my!!! :D
I don't have any perverted suggestions, but they're sure fun to read!

Hannah said...

There's always the obvious "FBI Special Agent in the Forensic Anthropologist".

Alli said...

Mystic (and also Hannah above) FTW.